About Siamco


SiamCo is a privately-ownedcompany that specializes in the import, marketing and distribution of healthcare products. We work closely with international brands to provide the Palestinian market with quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer products. At the heart of our operations is the patient's wellbeing, so our distribution network is designed to comply with good distribution practices and deliver in a reliable manner. Our values have earned us the trust of a distinguished set of clients, which comprises of all key players in the Palestinian healthcare system.


SiamCo was founded in 1995, and has progressively grown to its current status of an established pharmaceutical distributor. Over the years, we have accumulated intimate experience with the intricacies of the Palestinian healthcare system, and therefore are experts in the strategic identification, registration and marketing of products that suit the country’s needs. Our suppliers derive immense value from partnering with us, as we offer integrative operations that streamline all supply chain processes from the import warehouse to pharmacy shelves. As a result, our partners frequently choose us as the exclusive agent for distributing both their generic and patented products.


SiamCo is continuously looking for new business opportunities to expand its portfolio, both in terms of product listing and geographic scope. We are proud of our successful track record in introducing novel items to the Palestinian market, and are always open to working with new suppliers from such diverse sectors as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer products and allied industries. No matter how wide we expand, we strive to sustain our core focus of providing the Palestinian market with adequate amounts of the needed products in a timely and cost-effective manner.