Our Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing: Our marketing team has extensive experience in conducting feasibility studies and market analyses, which project products’ positions in the public and private markets based on estimated demand, competitive benchmarks, suggested prices, and scientific evidence. This experience spans both generic and patented items, from the various categories of healthcare and consumer products. We employ our marketing expertise before introducing a product to the market, and dynamically throughout the product’s lifecycle.


  • Regulatory Affairs: Our dedicated unit is professionally trained on quality assurance, product registration, and regulatory affairs. Its members work closely with the relevant national authorities, and ensure that all our operations satisfy regulatory requirements and good practices. They are therefore capable of addressing any particular considerations that may apply to special items or product categories.


  • Sales: We boost our sales through scientific conferences and promotional campaigns, the latter of which is run by a fleet of salesmen who hold solid relationships with all major healthcare providers in Palestine. We abide by legal, ethical and professional standards in our advertisement campaigns, and ensure that all information we disseminate is evidence-based.


  • Distribution: Our delivery network is compliant with international good storage and distribution practices, and is under the supervision of qualified pharmacists. Our stocking procedures ensure the adequate and timely supply of our products, and our supply chain has robust implementations in place to protect against counterfeit medicines. We record the origin, identity, transport details and storage conditions for each batch we deliver, leaving trails for tracking and auditing purposes.


  • Pharmacovigilance: Our pharmacovigilance teams ensures that the safety, efficacy and quality of our products are continuously monitored. Communication channels are open to all physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who wish to report any concerns they have.


  • Information Technology: Our IT department ensures that all our records are retrieved and reproduced digitally, edited in an accountable manner, protected from unauthorized access, and updated by continuous and traceable means.


  • Business Development: Our general management team is always on the look for additional business opportunities with both established and new partners. In addition to our core pharmaceutical business, our company is licensed for general trading and investment. Given our stated interest in investment, general management and entrepreneurship, we are open to working with firms of different sectors, sizes, and business natures.